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Problem based learning works!

5 June 2011

Derek Thomson

So, over the past few weeks I’ve been simulating some value management workshops for our final year students.  Based on the level of engagement, positive attitude, and genuine emails of thanks recevied, I think we can say that it went well.

Here they are in action (the photos are by the students themselves):

Group A, compiling a FAST Diagram:

Group B, organising an affinity diagram:

Group C, identifying project functions:

Group D, affinity diagramming:

Group E, rating primary functions:

Group F, brainstorming:

Group G, searching for project functions:

Group H, reviewing the design:

Group I, thinking hard:

Group J, eliciting the client’s value system:

Group K, also working on the client’s value system:

Group L, making some pairwise comparisons:

Group M, searching for project functions:

Group N, also searching for their project functions:

If nothing else, I think these workshops will have taught the students the usefulness of the humble post-it note!

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