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Rethinking the Build Process at NWBicester

11 February 2014

Derek Thomson

Finally, after over a year of setting this project, I’m happy to announce that myself and peers from Loughborough University are working with the NWBicester ecotown team to improve the predictability and repeatability of ecohome performance at scale.

Funded by the Technology Strategy Board through their ‘Rethinking the Build Process’ programme, we’re part of a team taking a process view of construction activities to help site operatives work with the new technologies. We’re feeding back from early phases of construction into the design of later phases so that construction costs can be lowered and environmental performance (e.g. energy consumption) can be assured. Central to all of this is an interactive learning cycle which the activity of process modelling (rather than the models themselves) creates opportunities for the sharing of insights and the agreement of better approaches. We’re combining BPMN2, FMEA and Social Network Analysis to achieve this. Should be fun, interesting and with genuine impact!

The team comprises: A2Dominion; Silver DCC; Willmott Dixon; PRP Architects; and BioRegional.

This video shows what we’re creating.

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