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Quantifying the Benefits of Healthcare Infrastructure Investment

6 October 2010

Derek Thomson

I recently presented an interpretation of some recent NHSScotland capital project business cases to the 2010 HaCIRIC Conference.  The paper was produced by my Benefits Quantification project and went down really well with most of the delegates. 

Here’s the presentation:

HaCIRIC Conference Presentation

And the paper’s abstract:

D. Thomson , L. Pronk , C. Alalouch , A. Kaka     

UK government seeks the use of Benefits Realisation Management Processes (BRMPs) to direct capital investments that are technically complex and must satisfy a diverse range of stakeholder needs. Although BRMP frameworks are available, methods to inform them with reliable quantifications of stakeholders’ judgements of benefits realisation are currently absent. 

The articulation of benefits in current practice is reviewed to establish the context of benefits realisation. Benefit-related healthcare policy is reviewed by desktop survey of government publications and NHSScotland business cases. A conceptual framework for benefits quantification which characterises benefits realisation using stakeholders’ judgements and perceptions of benefit worth is contributed.

Translation of stakeholder judgements of benefit provision magnitude into indications of benefit worth by means of benefit functions is explored and related to BRMP operation. The use of utility functions to translate judgements of magnitude into representations of ‘worth’ is found to be an appropriate premise for benefit quantification.

Benefits; Investment; Judgement; Stakeholders; Utility.

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