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Fantastic, thorough and thoughtful advice on academic and scientific presentations and writing

30 June 2009

Derek Thomson

I am a huge proponent of the “Presentation Zen” philosophy but sadly, due to teaching mainly wordy legal subjects, I haven’t yet been able to put most of the principles into practice.  I am getting there, albeit very slowly.

Today, I came across this website: which supports a book that I really must buy because I am *blown away* by the quality of the advice.

I can only implore you to have a look, because the downloads and examples really are top notch.

The advice on structure of argument and the nuances of writing *well* (rather than a lot, or using fancy words) sits so well with my principles, I just wish I had the clarity of thought to write it myself.

Here are some sample pages from the book

Here is some fantastic advice on structuring technical writing, which all my students would really benefit from.  It’s aimed at PhD level, but the practicalities fit anywhere.

And here’s some advice on structuring a presentation.

Just great stuff.

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